RBA Commitment and Policy

RBA Commitment and Policy

  • RBA Commitment :
    Our company commitment to maintaining the rights of workers so that they get the international community consensus of respect and dignity, attaches great importance to the labor rights and occupational safety, towards a common vision;Uphold the integrity integrity, the pursuit of sustainable management, attach importance to environmental protection, product green products, adopt measures to energy saving and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, attach importance to continuously improve performance.
  • RBA Policy :
    6.1 Comply with labor laws and regulations, banning the use of child labor, forced labor, discrimination, and respect from employees freedom of association, continue to improve employees' rights and interests.

    6.2 Provide the Employee health and safety working environment, comply with laws and regulations requirements specification.

    6.3 Pay attention to environmental safety and health, comply with the company environmental factors related laws and regulations related environmental requirements.

    6.4 Abide by the highest standards of ethics requirements, honest business , bribes is prohibited , respect and protection of intellectual property rights.